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Amtrax Fleet Management - Service Scheduling Software

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Better control for commercial fleet operators

The AMTRAX FLEET Workshop Management software NZ is a simple to use preventative maintenance scheduling program. The system assists Service Managers in planning the servicing of their fleets to both minimise vehicle downtime and maximise the efficiency of workshop operations.

The format has been determined after listening closely to the needs of "hands on" Service Managers, who require a simple to use fleet maintenance software system, and has been used by many well known New Zealand companies for many years.

Application of the Fleet Management Software

The Workshop Fleet Management Software can cater for a wide range of businesses: line-haul and delivery trucks, buses, construction equipment, cranes, off-road vehicles, company car fleets etc. Indeed, the program is so versatile that it can be used for any type of machinery; e.g. stationary plant, light aircraft, fishing boats.

Benefits of the Fleet Management Software

  • Improves cost control
  • Reduces vehicle downtime
  • Reduces vehicle repair frequency
  • Reduces paperwork
  • More efficient workshop administration
  • Improves workshop operations
  • Reduces service intervals
  • Better information base on which to determine future vehicle acquisitions.

Main Features of the Fleet Management Software include:

  • Vehicle Detail File, to record specific details such as VIN, Chassis and Serial numbers, warranty details, financial details.
  • A facility for extended narration allows entry of full details for such items as major repairs or insurance work.
  • Service Forecasting by individual vehicle, or by fleet, either at the present time, or at a pre-determined time in the future.
  • Problem Log, with quick access function, to record drivers' complaints plus any notes on vehicle servicing requirements. This log will automatically be displayed when creating a Workshop Job Order.
  • Workshop Job Order generation. After selection of the appropriate servicing and repairs to be done, the program will automatically print a Job Order.
  • Service Descriptions - each vehicle can have a detailed checklist of servicing procedures, that can be printed out with the Job Order.
  • Vehicle History: - all repairs and servicing done on vehicles is recorded, and can later be interrogated by specific item or code.
  • Sophisticated fail safe system helps prevent services being duplicated or omitted.
  • True user friendly, menu driven program ensures that in this fleet maintenance software NZ program, there is no need for extensive staff training, or reference to complicated manuals.
  • Import facility to update vehicle KMS from Fuel Card files, driver logbooks, or other source.
  • Choice of user defined repair codes, or the IRTE (Institute of Road Transport Engineers) VMRS codes.
  • Full details of labour costs and parts costs.
  • RUC status function.
  • And many, many more.
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